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SUNY REACH Virtual Learning Session II: Credit for Prior Learning is within REACH

March 7, 2022

Presented by Nan Travers, Director of The Center for Leadership in Credential Learning – SUNY Empire State College, and Ashley Frank, Project Coordinator, The Center for Leadership in Credentialing Learning – SUNY Empire State College

Description: Credit for prior learning (CPL) began as a social justice movement to help equalize entry points into higher education for individuals who didn’t have the same opportunities to progress their education due to work and life demands. Beginning in the U.S., assessing prior learning has now grown into international practice, across both education and industry sectors. Over the past 50 + years, the recognition and assessment of prior learning have evolved, while also establishing its own traditions. While these more traditional practices have played a role in increasing the value toward and acceptance of credit for prior learning practices, they can also reinforce the status quo of who defines and has the power over college-level knowledge.

In this session, we will provide a brief background on CPL, share the foundations of a CPL program, examine the integration of prior learning into the academic process, and equity implications for different groups of learners. This session begins a series of interactive gatherings and hands-on experiences throughout the upcoming year to further explore CPL and ways in which institutions can integrate CPL into credentialing practices. During the ongoing series, background materials will be provided ahead of live sessions so that the time together can be focused on what this means in action at your institution. In addition, implementation strategies will be provided to consider between meetings with opportunities for discussion and feedback. Institutions should consider sending a cross-sectional team to these sessions.

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