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Over the last 5 years, SUNY has been fortunate to receive support in implementing a wide range of Student Success Initiatives to holistically support students. Such initiatives include Guided Pathways, Math Pathways, Developmental English Co-Requisite models, multiple measures for placement, among others. Through these efforts, we have provided a wide range of technical assistance for SUNY faculty, administration, and student success staff in the form of convenings, webinars, and workshops. The link below leads to a spreadsheet where we have organized the recordings of the aforementioned convenings, webinars, and workshops for colleagues to use as a resource (e.g. onboarding of new staff and/or refreshing past learnings). 

Please click either link below that works for you in order to access the spreadsheet: 

Google doc link:Student Success Resources

Teams page link: Student Success Resources.xlsx

Events are organized by initiative (Guided Pathway, Math Pathways, Developmental English Co-Requisite Models, Placement/Multiple Measures, REACH, and other Technical Assistance)– each initiative has its own sheet (you can click on the corresponding initiative’s sheet at the bottom of the window). 

Within each sheet, events are initially listed chronologically in order of the date in which they were presented. However, users are welcome to sort based on any of the categories listed at the top of each sheet (Presenter, Session Title, Pillar, etc.). You are welcome to navigate through the spreadsheet, view any recordings you might be interested in seeing, and peruse the corresponding resources for each session.

If you have any questions regarding how to navigate the spreadsheet, please reach out to Mark Mirasol at

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