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Past Events

Phase Two

Advisory Workshop Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of the topic (what and why) and implications for advising practice.
  • Develop campus understanding of campus-based policies and practices related to advising reform; reflect on implications for advising on campus.
  • Engage in cross-campus information and practice-sharing; reflect on shared advising challenges; engage in collective problem solving around cross-cutting advising challenges including cross-stakeholder collaboration and equity.
  • Encourage the development of campus-based and cross-campus communities of practice.



  • Professional and faculty advisors
  • Advisor “adjacent” staff (e.g. success coaches) as appropriate per campus
  • Directors of advising/counseling

June 11: Understanding the importance of placement into gateway courses and implications for advising:

June 7 & 8: Data Coaching Workshop

Resources (including Slides):

June 2 &3, 2021: Strong Start to Finish Capstone Meeting: Sharing Insights across the SUNY Network (June 2-3 from 1 – 5pm) Recordings:

Keynote: “Got Outcomes? Now, Are We Asking Relevant Questions?” Recording with Dr. Maxine Roberts, Executive Director, Strong Start to Finish:

Math Pathways Track (6/2):

English Pathways Track (6/2):

Core Principles/Placement (6/2):

Sova Project Management Workshop Recording (6/3):

March 25 & 26: Advising and Scaling Mathematics Pathways Workshop I (part one).

May 21: Understanding multiple measures placement and its implications for advising:

May 18 & 19: Advising and Scaling Mathematics Pathways Workshop II

Resources (including Slides):

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