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New York State is committed to dramatically increasing the completion rates and success of its students by bringing evidence-based practices to scale. As part of this goal, New York State is scaling the Carnegie Math Pathways, a research-based approach to developmental mathematics. This model, which uses engaging, relevant concepts that students can use in their everyday lives, has been shown to accelerate students? progress through developmental mathematics. As a lead system in this work, SUNY is working in partnership with the Carnegie Math Pathways and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to offer Quantway/Statway to all SUNY campuses that choose to pursue these courses.

Currently, more than 28 two- and four-year SUNY institutions are participating in this initiative and are supported by a system-wide network of more than 200 faculty, administrators, advisors and tutors. SUNY and Carnegie are providing support at the state level to help launch and teach the Pathways, including professional development for faculty, administrators and advisors, a nationwide networked improvement community, and grant funding.

This important faculty-driven initiative is aimed at improving students? college readiness and graduation rates statewide. Participating faculty, administrators, and advisors impact students far beyond a single course or semester. Their work informs the efforts of other university systems, strengthens remedial instruction, and ensures greater academic success for thousands of students.

If you are interested in learning more about the SUNY Math Pathways, contact: 518-320-1276.

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