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Guided Pathways

10/29/21- GP Institute #1 (Cohort 3)

10/5/21- SOVA Project Management Workshop for SUNY Pathways Cohort 3 (Recording)

9/17/21- SUNY Pathways Cohort 3 Fall Kick-Off Meeting (Recording)

6/8/21- SUNY GP Update: SOAA Presentation (Recording)

5/28/20- Communicating Guided Pathways Initiatives Learning (Recording)

4/23/20- SUNY Guided Pathways “Reset” Session (Recording)

3/9/20- CCRC Guided Pathways Workshop

1/16/20- GP Institute #2 (Cohort 2): Mapping your Guided Pathways Webinar

6/27/19-6/28/19- GP Institute #6: Institute Capstone

3/14/19-3/15/19- GP Institute #5: Career & Transfer Pathways

10/2/19-10/4/19- GP Insitute #1 (Cohort 2): Benchmarking, Capacity, and Transformational Change

1/16/19-1/18/19- GP Institute #4: Supporting Student Progress on their Pathways

Math Pathways

6/2/21- SSTF Capstone: SUNY Dutchess’ Ongoing Mathematics Redesign (Recording)

6/2/21- SSTF Capstone: CMP Corequisite Pilot & CoP Session (Recording)

5/19/21- Dana Center Advising and Scaling Mathematics Pathways Workshop II: Day Two (Recording)

5/18/21- Dana Center Advising and Scaling Mathematics Pathways Workshop I: Day One (Recording)

6/12/20- SStF Math Pathways Equitable Teaching Practices Webinar

6/12/20- Math Pedagogical Practices: Remote & Hybrid Classes Webinar

April 2020-May 2020- CMP Remote Teaching Webinars

2/21/20- CMP Algebra Pathways Webinar (Recording & PowerPoint)

12/13/19- Placement Presentation and Discussion Webinar (Recording)

11/27/19- Pilot Online Course Presentation Webinar (Recording)

10/24/19- Productive Persistence Webinar (Recording)

9/23/19- Strategies for Re-Engaging Students Webinar (Recording)

5/31/19-6/1/19- 2019 SUNY Math Pathways Spring Forum

4/26/19- Corequisite Math Pathways Webinar (Recording)

4/12/19- 2019 NYSMATYC Pre-Conference for SUNY Math Pathways

12/7/18-12/9/18- Nassau CC Regional Training

11/2/18-11/4/18- SUNY Math Pathways Fall Forum

Developmental English Learning Community

6/2/21- SStF Capstone: Nassau’s Dev. English Learning Community: How Did We Get Here from There? (Recording)

6/2/21- SStF Capstone: SUNY Developmental English Learning Community (Recording)

5/1/20- Teaching ALP Online Webinar

4/24/20- Developing the SUNY Developmental English Learning Community Webinar

4/24/20- Discussion of Labor-Based Grading and Asao Inuoe’s Concept of a Labor-Contract Webinar

4/17/20- Keeping an Eye on Learning Outcomes Webinar

4/10/20- Open Discussion of Coreq in a Sudden Online Environment Webinar

12/12/19-12/14/19- Accelerated Learning Conference

11/1/19- Central Regional Convening

5/31/19- Downstate Regional Convening

5/22/19- West Regional Convening

5/10/19- Central Regional Convening

5/3/19- East Regional Convening

4/25/19- Developmental and Corequisite English Webinar (Recording)

4/24/19- ALP Workshop Featuring Peter Adams @ Genesee CC

4/12/19- Faculty Training Workshop @ Nassau CC

4/5/19- Faculty Training Workshop @ Dutchess CC

3/5/19- Faculty Training Workshop @ Niagara CC

3/1/19- Central Regional/Statewide Convening

2/15/19- Faculty Training Workshop @Jamestown CC

11/30/18- Faculty Training Workshop @ Westchester CC

11/2/18- Central Regional/Statewide Convening

Placement/Multiple Measures

10/6/21- SUNY SStF Placement Working Group Meeting (Recording)

6/11/21- P2A and SStF: Understanding the importance of placement into Gateway courses (Recording)

6/2/21- SStF Capstone: Directed Self-Placement Implementation at Westchester Community College (Recording)

Other Technical Assistance

10/14/21- NYSSSC Coaching for Equity Workshop (Recording)

6/8/21- Dana Center Data Coaching Workshop: Day 2 (Recording)

6/7/21- Dana Center Data Coaching Workshop: Day 1 (Recording)

6/3/21- SSTF Capstone: Project Management Workshop by Sova (Recording)

6/2/21- SUNY SStF Convening: Welcome & Keynote (Recording)

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