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SUNY has developed recommendations for implementation of new multiple measures placement guidelines at both the system and institutional level. To this end, SUNY will develop technical assistance and deploy coaches to align placement practices with developmental education reforms including Math Pathways, Developmental English, and Guided Pathways to further support change at scale.

Click here for the SUNY Placement Recommendations Guidelines (add link)

Based on the CAPR study featuring SUNY colleges entitled “Multiple Measures Placement Using Data Analytics: An Implementation and Early Impacts Report[1]” and other national research, traditional placement testing disadvantages students and widens the equity gap for students of color and low income students. In order to change the focus from high stakes testing, as well as further the initial work begun system-wide on placement reform with SSTF, SUNY sought to accelerate its multiple measures placement policy work among SSTF colleges over a two year period while continuing to further the overall SSTF goals related to supporting students taking gateway math and English in their first year of study. In order to accomplish our stated goal, work to improve placement systems and practices required additional investment and facilitated planning both locally and statewide in order for colleges to fully implement and embrace alternative placement policies.


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