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The New York State Student Success Center (NYSSSC) supports a Student Success Coaching Academy. The Student Success Coaching Academy features experienced, innovative leaders from within NYS who are committed to student success. Coaches support institutions in their journey to enhancing student success and completion.

Coaching Academy Updates:

  • Cohort 4 Application Available in Fall 2022 for Spring 2023

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Why Coaching?

There is a growing need within public colleges for leaders that have the knowledge, skills and expertise in change leadership strategies to support student success reform. Coaching strategies have been used nationally by Achieving the Dream, Completion by Design, and AACC to further support transformation student success reforms. By developing and supporting organizational coaches at a state level, the NYSSSC seeks to develop leaders who can help create and sustain institutional to ultimately enhance student success and completion at their home college and beyond.

Coaches provide facilitation of change management principles, content expertise around specific coaching topics, and strategic support to guided pathways colleges, as well as other colleges focused on student success reforms. Colleges can engage coaches in short or long-term support of student success projects. If a college is interested in working with a coach, they should reach out to Jennifer Miller, Executive Director, at jennifer(dot)miller(at)suny(dot)edu for more information.

Coaching Resources & Publications:

For colleges interested in coaching support:

For other states looking to start or support coaching programs:

Coaching Academy Overview

The New York State Student Success Center (NYSSSC) Coaching Academy  provides a professional development & training program for college leaders to support student success reforms at campuses across the state. By using effective coaching practices and project management strategies within a student success and guided pathways context, the Coaching Academy seeks to:

  • Develop confident, skilled, thought leader peer mentor coaches;
  • Build substantive student success reform capacity, innovation and leadership across the state;
  • Support evidence-based strategies to support student success reforms at scale for all students;
  • Identify structural and cultural practices and policies that positively impact campus-based student success and support closing equity gaps.

Coaching Academy Leadership Team:

  • Jennifer Miller, Executive Director, NYS Student Success Center
  • Wendy Beesley, Assistant Dean for Student Success, SUNY Ulster County Community College; Lead Coach 
  • Renee Dimino, Associate Professor and SUNY Guided Pathways Project Director, Monroe Community College; Lead Coach
  • Rochelle Duncan, Project Manager, SUNY REACH
  • Ronnie Hector, Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bronx Educational Opportunity Center (EOC); Lead Coach
  • Michele Forte, Manager Student Supports, SUNY Online & Associate Professor, Empire State College; Lead Coach
  • Alma Kanic-Franco, Assistant Director, NYS Student Success Center and SUNY Project Manager
  • Carol Ross, Vice President for Student Affairs & Chief Diversity Officer, SUNY Broome Community College
  • Lia Wetzstein, Director, Community College Research Initiatives (CCRI) at the University of Washington

Questions? Contact Jennifer Miller at jennifer dot miller at suny dot edu or call 518-320-1370.

Funding for the Coaching Academy was provided by Jobs for the Future (JFF) and its partners.

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