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The New York State Success Center is committed to student success reform efforts. These reforms include:

  • Guided Pathways including the creation of technical supports and coaching (including the development of a Coaching Academy) to assist community colleges exploring and adopting the pathways model based on the research from Community College Research Center (CCRC) the Pathways Collaborative.
  • Developmental Education reforms including the continued scale-up of the New York State initiative for the Carnegie Math Pathway’s Quantway/Statway developmental math pathways and SUNY’s Developmental English Co-req Learning Community.
  • Advising and Integrated Student Support Services including advising reforms and the continued support non-academic services for students with support from Achieving the Dream.
  • Workforce Development including the enhancement of partnerships between community college career services and the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) to assist students in finding employment and internships.
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