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Welcome to SUNY Pathways Page!

Below are upcoming events, please join us by registering:

SUNY Pathways Virtual Workshop: Where do I fit in? with Dr. Melinda Karp on May 12, 2022

Join us for the SUNY Pathways Virtual Workshop: Where do I fit in?, presented by Dr. Melinda Karp, Founder & President, Phase Two Advisory on May 12, 2022 from 3:00 – 4:30 pm.

Register using this link by May 6:

Please note that this is same presentation we held on February 25. We wanted to extend this invite to all in case you missed the previous session. If you attended the February 25 session, please stay tuned for information about a more in-depth workshop for both February 25 and May 12 participants.

Description: Campuses throughout SUNY are implementing Pathways reforms in order to help students get and stay on the path to graduation. Many colleges have started this work with a core group of staff charged with early design and launch work. This approach makes the work manageable but leaves those outside core teams wondering, “Where do I fit in?” “Do Pathways touch my work?” or, “How can I help?” Are you curious about Pathways at your campus? Then this workshop is for you! This workshop is designed to help those outside of Pathways core teams understand the Pathways approach, what it means for their functional areas, and how they can get engaged. We will use a combination of virtual lecture, large group discussion, and small group brainstorming to help you see where you fit into Pathways work on your campus, and identify strategies to support the implementation and sustainability of the approach.

Workshop objectives:

·           Connect pathways to all faculty and staff roles on a campus

·           Deepen understanding of Pathways and how it supports student retention and success

·           Expand understanding of the pathways approach and how it can support pathways implementation


Who should attend?

·           Human Resources, library, marketing, enrollment, IT, IR, workforce and facilities personnel

·           Instructional faculty and student supports staff outside of Pathways core team members

·           New employees

·           Anyone curious about what Pathways means for them!

Please invite your colleagues to join us.

SUNY Accelerating Pathways Project Presentations:

The Accelerating Pathways Project Presentations will focus on project successes and challenges; colleges will share some early momentum metrics and how these made a difference in the lives of the students; lessons learned and next steps.

SUNY Accelerating Pathways Project Presentation Schedules:



Presentation schedule


5/23/22 from 1-2pm


5/23/22 from 2-3pm


6/2/22 from 1-2pm


6/2/22 from 2-3pm


6/2/22 from 3-4pm

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