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Fall 2022 Upcoming Events

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Registration is now open for all upcoming workshops. Please see registration links under each workshop below and register. For some workshops you will also see attached registration information with specific details regarding each workshop, prep assignments to read/watch, college team compositions recommended, and other related workshop details. Please feel free to share registration information widely with your colleagues at your institutions.


Looking Forward, Looking Backward: Celebrating Wins, Protecting Gains, Sustaining Progress

Presented by Alison Kadlec, SOVA
September 23, 2022: 1-3 pm

Description: In this session, SUNY Pathways teams will be provided with space to reflect on progress, discuss goals for AY 2022-23, and explore conditions for sustainability of their most important student success work. Drawing on lessons learned from Guided Pathways work around the country, Alison Kadlec from Sova will share key concepts for helping change leaders strengthen their resilience and own their power to deepen and sustain equity-minded, large-scale student success efforts.

  • Create space for teams to reflect on progress, AY 2022-23 goals, and sustainability of the most important student success work.
  • Participants are energized by having the chance to step back, reflect on their work, and hear from colleagues and peers at other colleges
  • Participants are provided with helpful concepts and tactics that are immediately applicable in their day-to-day work
  • Participants have a stronger grasp of the practices and habits involved in effective change leadership
Who should attend?
  • Guided Pathways Facilitators/Leads
  • Human Resources, IT, IR, and facilities personnel
  • Instructional faculty and support staff outside of Pathways core team members
  • New employees Registration link:


Be Both Personal and Impersonal: Using Stories and Data to Inspire Action

Presented by Andrea Sussman, Founding Partner, Next Chapter Communications
October 14, 2022: 11am – 2pm

Description: The session will focus on two key elements of messaging: using data effectively and telling powerful stories. Given that participating colleges have been communicating about pathways for some time, this workshop aims to hone skills in these particular aspects of messaging, rather than working on setting goals, identifying audiences, or developing strategic communications plans.

During the workshop, each college will focus on messaging for a particular aspect of its pathways work or a particular educational practice (e.g., corequisite education). Each college will identify its issue for messaging before the workshop.

Participants should leave the workshop with a better understanding of the ongoing role of case making in their guided pathways efforts — for both the overall pathways process and specific elements of the work. At the end of the workshop they should have:
  • An understanding of effective messaging practices for case making (e.g., starting with why, understanding what your audience needs, and choosing the best messenger).
  • An understanding of the value of using data and telling stories, including how they relate to effective messaging and how they can be used together.
  • Ideas for data points that can inspire action among key audiences.
  • At least two brief stories that can inspire action among key audiences.
Who should attend?
  • Each college team should include administrators, faculty members, student support personnel, anyone responsible for internal communications about pathways, and IR staff. Each team should identify one person who will take notes during breakouts and be prepared to share a summary of the college’s conversation with the full group.


Oh, The Places They’ll Go: Goal-Oriented Program Onboarding Redesign: Promote Equitable Program Momentum by Asking, Connecting, Inspiring, and Planning

Presented by Hana Lahr and Umika Kumar, CCRC
November 10, 2022; 10 am – 12:30pm

Description & Goals: All students, including those pursuing associate degrees, certificates, non-credit programs, or dual enrollment programs, need to know where their programs lead and what opportunities exist for future education and employment. Further, students who have a clear path are more likely to persist and complete – and this helps colleges facing enrollment and retention challenges. To help students enter a path aligned with career-track jobs/transfer in their field of interest, it is critical to engage them from the start by providing supportive onboarding experiences.

This workshop is intended to help college teams understand the importance of program onboarding and to illustrate how guided pathways principles can be used to redesign onboarding. The Ask-Connect-Inspire-Plan “ACIP” framework facilitates student engagement in programs by asking students about their interests and aspirations, connecting students with faculty and peers who share their interests, and inspiring students to learn, with the goal of helping students develop an individualized education plan.

The workshop makes the case for why students’ early experiences, from the time they apply throughout their first year, are critical to their success and presents strategies for reimagining recruitment, orientation, dual enrollment practices, advising, faculty involvement, and first-term / first-year coursework as part of an ongoing onboarding process.

Colleges will be provided with a follow-up activity to complete and turn in to their guided pathways coach following the workshop.

Who should attend?
  • This workshop is designed to be conducted with 5 or more college faculty/staff per team, including faculty, advisors, deans, directors, VPs, Presidents, program coordinators or department chairs, or IR, IT staff, and registrars. Ideally, the individuals selected to participate will be well-positioned to share what they learn at this workshop in different parts of the college afterwards.



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