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Registration is now open for all upcoming workshops. Please see registration links next to each workshop below and register. For some workshops you will also see attached registration information with specific details regarding each workshop, prep assignments to read/watch, college team compositions recommended, and other related workshop details. Please feel free to share registration information widely with your colleagues at your institutions.

Phase Two

Advisory Workshop Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of the topic (what and why) and implications for advising practice.
  • Develop campus understanding of campus-based policies and practices related to advising reform; reflect on implications for advising on campus.
  • Engage in cross-campus information and practice-sharing; reflect on shared advising challenges; engage in collective problem solving around cross-cutting advising challenges including cross-stakeholder collaboration and equity.
  • Encourage the development of campus-based and cross-campus communities of practice.



  • Professional and faculty advisors
  • Advisor “adjacent” staff (e.g. success coaches) as appropriate per campus
  • Directors of advising/counseling

Past Events

June 11: Understanding the importance of placement into gateway courses and implications for advising:

June 7 & 8: Data Coaching Workshop

Resources (including Slides):

June 2 &3, 2021: Strong Start to Finish Capstone Meeting: Sharing Insights across the SUNY Network (June 2-3 from 1 – 5pm) Recordings:

Keynote: “Got Outcomes? Now, Are We Asking Relevant Questions?” Recording with Dr. Maxine Roberts, Executive Director, Strong Start to Finish:

Math Pathways Track (6/2):

English Pathways Track (6/2):

Core Principles/Placement (6/2):

Sova Project Management Workshop Recording (6/3):

March 25 & 26: Advising and Scaling Mathematics Pathways Workshop I (part one).

May 21: Understanding multiple measures placement and its implications for advising:

May 18 & 19: Advising and Scaling Mathematics Pathways Workshop II

Resources (including Slides):

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